Taking one equilateral hexagon having any of its sides equal to AB in a triangle ABC, BC is equal to the width of the hexagon between its parallel sides, AC being twice the length of AB and equal to the distance between the opposite vertexes in the hexagon. If one side of tile hexagon becomes the upper half of AC, the extension of the side in tile hexagon which is parallel to AB will meet point C and form an equilateral triangle having an area equal to one-sixth that of the hexagon, half that of triangle ABC and a height half BC. AB, half of AB and half of BC being the sides of the roof panel (7’6” x 3’9” x6’6”) - BC and AB the sides of the outside wall panel (13’ x 7’6”) -·three quarters of BC and AB the sides of the inside wall panel (9’9” x 7’6").